Over 130 meteorites are known
to have originated on the planet Mars
with a further 140+ from the Moon.
We offer small fragments of these
extremely rare achondrites sealed
in a glass vial, with a sterling silver chain.
Each is, of course, shipped with a full
descriptive certificate of authenticity.

I also have lunar fragments for the same price.



We also offer fragments of the
Tatahouine diogenite: a beautiful
greeny-grey mineral from beneath
the surface of the asteroid Vesta!
This time, the fragment is presented in a classy, sterling silver, transparent locket.


The locket on the left holds a piece of Carbonaceous Chondrite, over 4.5 billion years old! These rocks contain many more than the 20 amino acids found in life on Earth!

The locket on the right contains a fragment of a beautiful Jepara pallasite, a stony-iron meteorite, found where the stone mantle of a planet meets the iron core.

Both items £35 each


All four lockets measure 18 mm.

I have enough shapes to interchange
a 'round' for a 'heart' and vice-versa.

This sterling silver locket contains a 5 mm slice of a genuine lunar meteorite (from Spacerocks UK) and is a beautiful way to display such a rare piece of history.


It is presented, as always on a sterling silver chain and costs

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